What makes drunkards?

whisky bottle

Bill poured the glass half full of whisky.

“Put in your own water,” he said. “There’s just one more shot.”

“Got any more?” Nick asked.

“There’s plenty more but dad only likes me to drink what’s open.”

“Sure,” said Nick.

“He says opening bottles is what makes drunkards,” Bill explained.

“That’s right,” said Nick. He was impressed. He had never thought of that before. He had always thought it was solitary drinking that made drunkards.

“The Three-Day Blow” by Ernest Hemingway

6 thoughts on “What makes drunkards?

  1. Muchas gracias por tu amable comentario: se hace lo que se puede, pues se hace con 0 presupuesto. Rodeado de amigos con mucho talento, también hay que decirlo, es mucho más fácil todo.

  2. Efory, tambien cuando hay talento y tecnologia, la cosa camina bien. Te deje el comentario tambien porque me parece que se debieran hacer mas proyectos como esos en los blogs. Hay que estimular lo bueno. Saludos y no te pierdas.

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