rejo, rejo, rejo

britches, britches, britches

brutches, brutches, brutches

shapes que se conforman con ser formas

whanco, whanco, whanco

el brillo del yellow amarillo

does anybody care?

does it matter? does matter matter?

shapes and ojos, rojos?

rejos del reloj

what is the color of time?

el tiempo es incoloro

does it matter?

las líneas se alinean a sus curvas

las curvas siguen siendo esas imprecisas dimensiones,

does it matter?

the line that meets its nemesis

the curve that feeds its hunger

la forma de lo impreciso,

el color del tiempo

does it all matter?



4 thoughts on “Dibrujo

  1. Muy bonito poema que no sabe si es ingles o espanol..but does it really matter? it might matter…it might not… who knows? who cares? los garabatos dicen algo …solo que no se que es…JK

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