A Soldier’s Return


Oh, the forgotten entities

buried beneath the cathedral,

the woods have turned into stones,

the stones feed the rotten roots of rust.

What side are you on?

What coat of arms has been etched

on your forehead?

Where is your flame?

I have none.

I breathe.

I eat.

I write.

I think.

I hesitate.

What side are you on?

What side was I on?

Oh, the adulterated purity of sin,

these fractured dreams

decaying amidst the splendor.

What I lost was just the soul

reflected in the mirror.

What I lost was the minute

that preceded the hour that

the clock never struck.

I have no flame,

just forsaken embers,

smoldering remembrances

of a time gone by.

© Ernesto González, 2009


2 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Return

  1. Es muy hermoso y triste…gracias por compartirlo.Sabes, todavía no podía creer lo del Herald. Pero entré y vi horrores, de verdad. No entiendo cómo pasan esas cosas cuando debe haber infinidad de correctores de estilo buscando trabajo. Es muy triste…pero, al contrario de tu poema, de hermoso no tiene nada.

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